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What is a Sip & Sew?

Sip & Sew is my term for "quilting bee".  What is a "quilting bee" you could be asking yourself.  

"Quilting bees originated during the nineteenth century and gained much popularity during that time and continued in popularity long after. 
A "bee" is another word for a party or social function and in this case, it's a quilting party, thus it was named "quilting bee." But it's much more than just a party."

The purpose of Sip & Sew is to help you bring the bee to your home.  Pick a date from the online calendar, invite some friends to your home, choose an available kit, you and your friends (whomever you want to invite to your "Bee") each go online and purchase the kit

If they do not have a sewing machine available, we have 5 Brother XR3774 sewing machines that can be rented for the date of the event.  Rental includes bobbin thread for event, set up and tear down for even.  Top thread for applique kits will need to be purchased.  

You provide your beverage of choice, be prepared to have loads of fun and let the "Bee" begin.

Youth Summer Events

A Sit & Sew is for ages 10 and up. These kits will be simple (pillow covers (18x20), pillow cases (standard), simple applique wall hangings all precut. So that all they need to do is "Sit & Sew".  Because this is an event geared toward minors, you will need to complete and sign the Release of Liability form below.


  1. Choose a Kit
  2. If needed, purchase rental sewing machines
  3. Check Our Calendar for Available Dates 
  4. Fill out Our Form to request these dates. 
  5. Purchase the Event online to solidify your spot on our calendar. 
  6. We will be in contact about your reservation!

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